DOWNLOAD AUDIO Recording Of TB Joshua Allegedly Bribing Journalists To Manipulate Collapsed Building Story

DOWNLOAD AUDIO Recording Of TB Joshua Allegedly Bribing Journalists To Manipulate Collapsed Building Story


Prophet TB Joshua says “I would be very happy if you can help me go & correct some of the things that is inside the paper”.

In the midst of the controversy surrounding the SCOAN building collapse, another new but damning information has popped up, presented by an investigative reporter, Nicholas Ibekwe.

Following last Friday’s tragic collapse of a building inside the Synagogue Church of God premises which killed 80 people, an audio tape has emerged and in it you can hear someone who sounds a whole lot like the leader of SCOAN Prophet TB Joshua offering N50,000 “fuel money” each to journalists who were invited to the church for a press briefing.

Ibekwe was amongst the reporters that visited the synagogue after the tragic incident that has taken over ninety lives so far.

He claims that T.B Joshua offered him and his colleagues N50.000 each when they visited the site. However, unlike the other reporters, Ibekwe refused the ‘brown envelope’ offered and has taken to Twitter to air his displeasure and disappointment over how the entire tragedy is being handled by SCOAN, the government and the press at large.

His tweets on the tragedy began on September the 14th. He first tweeted that reporters were not allowed at the site of the collapsed building.

He tweeted the proof of the ‘bribe’ offered to the journalists.

In the recording, when the reporters asked for an official statement, T.B Joshua is heard replying them, saying “which official statement you want me to give?” Towards the end of the recording, he is also heard asking them what they were going to report and they responded with laughter. It seemed like a light-hearted conversation between him and the reporters but in the end, no official press release was given.



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